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Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles

Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles

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At Easy Breeze Duct Cleaning we provide the highest quality air duct cleaning services possible. We strive to ensure that you and your family are breathing the best possible air quality within you home. We have a special setup of air duct cleaning equipment to ensure, not only, expert air duct cleaning but also that no damage to your air ducts, floors, walls or other areas inside your home. We use a compact, but custom designed and modified vacuum system coupled with an air duct specific brush to ensure complete removal of dust and debris from all the air ducts.

The brush is strong enough to remove the built up dust but it is also non abrasive so it will not damage your ducts.

The fee for our vent cleaning service includes cleaning the ENTIRE length of the air ducts, cleaning the air intake, cleaning the actual air handler unit (the furnace), cleaning the blower and furnace heat exchange, cleaning the vent covers, the A/C coils and sanitizing and deodorizing. We are able to replace the air filter for an additional fee.

Why does Easy Breeze Duct Cleaning charge per vent when there are other companies out there that will do my entire house for 29.00-49.00? That’s a great question and the truth is, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. A common scam in the air duct cleaning industry is to bait the client with low prices and then scare them into thinking their system is on it’s last leg, or that other major components needs cleaning/replacing which will of course increase the original estimate of $29.00-$49.00.
Watch this video on how the scam works:

We don’t believe in conducting business this way. We want our clients to be life long clients and refer us, confidently, to their friends, family and neighbors. We are a family owned and run business and we treat our clients how we would want to be treated.

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We provide air duct cleaning services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Venice, Studio City and many other cities in the Los Angeles area. To schedule your air duct cleaning call us now at (800) 627-0776.